Alltime, GENIUS. Compact quality time clock, Full package $286, bundy clock, designed for small business 1~10 staff

"NEW" AlltimeTM Genius, Quality Time Recorder
Total Package price including GST = $286. Free. Post fast Satchel delivery Australia wide.

Match your decor
Colour choice
  200 Delux timecards.
Rounded entry corners.
Delux timecards

  Card rack.
 10 Position.
 Wall mount.

  Neat card holder


time recorder purchase menu

Metal Keys.

Real Battery power
Time recorder

     Large rechargable Nicad battery
     pack for uninterupted operation
     when the power fails.

        Power during outages
For small company use of around 15 employees.
Full memory on board battery backup.
( PLUS ** UPS rechargeable battery pack fitted.)
** Limited bonus. ( Full use when power is off.)
4 Column, 2 IN's and 2 OUT's if required.
Clear dot matrix printing. 2 Keys for security.
Auto IN / OUT columns. Auto or manual shift.
Auto Daylight saving. Chimes.
Card Auto feed and eject. Black, Green or Blue.
Dimensions: H 19cm x W 14cm x D 11cm.
200 Timecards weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
10 Position neat Card Rack with wall mount.
Low cost time cards $77 per 1000 delivered.
Wall mountable or use on desk.
1 year warranty, new for old replacement.
Simple to use. Auto feed and eject.
Ready to plug in and use. Basic settings.
Total Package price including GST = $286.
Free. Post fast Satchel delivery.
Alltime, Sales & Service free call 1800 220 110.

Wall mountable
More colors

A smaller unit of time has become essential for accounting purposes and emphasis has been given not only to the importance of the hour, but also to the money value of the minute. This is record is achieved by employee time recorders.
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